How To Play The Guitar: Pt 2 - Of Withered Apples

Now that you have a safe space to play guitar, it is time to practice your first exercise. One helpful exercise is:

Try to bend your fingers as far back as you possibly can. This will help keep your wrist limber. Try not to break your hand, but don’t try NOT to break your hand either. Remember: what doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger.

Eddie Van Halen once said: “They said the smoking gave me cancer, but I also used to put my metal picks in my mouth. That might have had something to do with it.”

Being careful is good, but it can hinder creativity. So go ahead and bend your palm back as far as you can before you continue playing. Some of the greatest guitar masters can bend their hand all the way back without even trying. This is called “Floppy Guitar Hand", and it is a sign of true guitar mastery.

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