How to Guitar Playing Part 5: History of the Guitar

The guitar has been described as a six-stringed instrument. Although use of the instrument can be traced back several hundred years, Its invention and early design are shrouded in secrecy.

There is some hope to uncovering their mystery, however. Early cave paintings have been unearthed which show men strumming what looks to be an Ibanez, although other scholars interpret it to be a Strat.

The earliest scientists have concluded that guitars were originally made from an extinct species of tree, giving it a unique, smooth tone that you can't really get anymore.

Somewhere around 1400 BC, the great guitar wars began. The wars left many dead, but none were without guilt. Given time, man has learned to respect and restrain his use of guitars.

For Today's Lesson:

Try playing the guitar with different parts of your body: 

Your hands

Your ears

Your eyes

See which one you are most comfortable with.

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