How To Play Guitars Installment IV: The Parts of a Guitar

The Neck: The neck is the most important part of the guitar because it holds all of the notes. Without the neck, you wouldn’t have any place to put your fingers. You could hold the top of the guitar and maybe pull on the strings to created tension, but then what are you doing really?

The Tip: The most sensitive part of the guitar. This part of the guitar is also known as the “top part” or “mantelpiece.” It is where the strings are tied down and beaten to produce the wailing tone of the guitar.

The Strings: These are what make the sound of the guitar. Really they’re the whole reason for the guitar existing.

The Jack Input Hole: Acoustic guitars don't have one of these, and personally I fell like that's one of their biggest problems. The hole is where the electricity goes.

The back: There's not a lot on the back usually. There are some screws that hold a small panel, but I don't know what's inside.

Those are all the parts of the guitar that I can remember.

For this week's exercise:

Practice your hammer-ons and pull-offs without touching the guitar. Imagine the guitar in your hands. Imagine it's a good guitar, like a Squire. You could never afford a guitar when you were younger. All you had was a small electric piano with four missing keys. You begged your parents for one, and they just looked at you, with their long eyes. You rememer living in a small dark room for years. It was cool in that room, like the inside of a moonbeam. Remember your parents. Remember their long eyes, for this week's exercise.

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