How To Play The Guitar: Volume VI - Starting a Band

Do you have any friends that know how to play an instrument? Think back.

You remember someone. You’ve forgotten their exact features. It’s as if their face lies at the bottom of a clear water stream – it morphs and changes. What was their name? David? Mark?

You remember that he used to play guitar, just like you, now. People loved him, and they loved the way he played guitar. He looked so good, holding that guitar. What color was it?

You remember talking with him. You remember him laughing. His smile shines through all of the temporal obfuscation, but what about his face?

One day you had gotten off of work early, and he picked you up. You loved riding in his Cadillac - his long, dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind.

You remember asking him a question.

“What do you plan to do with your life?”

“Well, the band looks like it’s going to get picked up for a record deal. But I’m not interested in that.”

“No? why not”

“Listen, I’m going away for a while.”

                Your heart sunk. You always knew he would leave. You knew this couldn’t last.

                “I’m going somewhere that no one can find me. Not even you.”

                “Will you ever come back?”

“Yes, but until then, you will only have vague memories. You’ll remember my smile. You’ll remember how I played guitar.”

You remember the conversation so perfectly. You reach for more memories, but only find a cold void.

You’re sweating, and need to splash some cold water on your face. Looking in the mirror, you notice your features have changed. They’re not yours, but they seem familiar.

For this weeks exercise:

Think about all the people who you have hurt. Think about what you need to ignore just to sleep at night.

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